Players 3.0 Adult Batting Shoes

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Our new Aggressive Grip System features multi directional rubber cleats, giving great grip on hard wickets.

The EVA Performance Midsole with improved foam formulation offers supreme

energy return thanks to a unique elastomer compound engineered for speed and comfort.

Maxcool pro upper is an innovative and adaptive two layer design ensures the foot stays fresh and comfortable, and is fully supported and stable with the welded technology, of Powerband pro tech.

Level up your shoe game this year with the. Players 3.0 Batting Shoe.


  • Playing Level: Test.
  • Features: Maxcool mesh upper, AGS outsole and EVA performance midsole.
  • Outsole: AGS Outsole
  • Midsole: EVA Performance Midsole
  • Footbed: Haipoli pro
  • Upper: Maxcool pro upper