Gem 2.0 300 Adult Cricket Bat

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This extraordinary bat, with its updated profile and captivating decal for 2024, is the result of extensive collaboration with eminent international ambassadors including renowned England players Sophia Dunkley, Maia Bouchier, and Tammy Beaumont.

Designed exclusively for women's cricket, GEM 2.0 combines exceptional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. The full profile, distinctive edges, and moderate duck bill shape into the toe instil a remarkable sense of power, ensuring you make a lasting impact on the game. The ½ inch shorter blade enhances balance and weight distribution for improved control.

The GEM 2.0 bat’s mid bow provides perfect balance, while the large middle with a duck bill shape into the toe expands the hitting zone and enhances bat speed. The flat face guarantees precision and control, allowing you to pierce the field at will.

Experience the joy of ultra-lightweight pick up with the GEM 2.0 Cricket Bat, with a super short handle offering exceptional grip and control.

Elevate your game with the GEM 2.0 Cricket Bat, designed specifically for women's cricket. This bat, endorsed by renowned England players Sophia Dunkley, Alice Capsey, and Tammy Beaumont, exemplifies power, precision, and performance.


  • Bow: Even - Mid.
  • Profile: Large middle with duck bill shape into toe - creating a large hitting zone
  • and increased bat speed.
  • Face: Flat face.
  • Pick up: Ultra lightweight pick up.
  • Edges: Large edge to match the spine.
  • Toe: Square.
  • Handle: Super short.
  • Grip: Superlink Pro - High performance maximum grip
  • Wieght: 2lb6 – 2lb9
  • Finish: Extratec