Tempesta 1.3 4 Star Adult Cricket Bat

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Crafted with inspiration from the world's best players, this exceptional bat features a profile highly favored by club-level cricketers. Its full profile, impressive edges, and a moderate duck bill tapering into the toe deliver raw power and instill unwavering confidence in your batting.

Designed to cater to players of all styles at the club level, the Tempesta 1.3 4 Star Cricket Bat incorporates a large mid to low sweet spot and meticulous weight distribution. This careful engineering ensures the bat's weight and pick up are finely tuned, enabling you to unleash your full potential on the field. Whether you're an aggressive hitter or a finesse player, this bat is perfectly suited to enhance your unique playing style at the club level.

Embrace superior performance with the Tempesta 1.3 4 Star Cricket Bat. With its exceptional construction and design, this bat empowers club-level players to achieve unparalleled power, precision, and control. Make your mark on the club cricket scene and experience the joy of playing with a bat that meets the demands of the game at this level.


  • Profile: Large hitting area with mid to low sweet spot.
  • Face: Powercurve - Semi Rounded for increased profile and optimum ping.
  • Pick up: Lower balance point to generate power and bat speed, innovative shaping ensures outstanding pick up.
  • Edges: Large edges to match the spine.
  • Toe: Square.
  • Handle: Semi Oval.
  • Grip: Superlink Pro - High performance maximum grip.