Stance Beam Striker

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The “StanceBeam Striker” is the most accurate Cricket Bat sensor, designed to fit on top of any cricket bat and turns it into a Smart Bat. StanceBeam Striker is designed to provide you real-time feedback and all the data of your Bat Swings, Bat Speed, Power, Bat Angles and Shot Efficiency. It takes your game to another level with accurate metrics, video highlights and valuable insights, used by the best Cricket coaches and players in the world.

THE STANCEBEAM APP is the soul of the interactions with StanceBeam Striker. Free download Available on the iOS APP Store, and the Google Play store for android

the app allows you to

• Monitor your session in real time.

• Record video of each swing.

• Analyse swing videos with data.

• See your detailed session insights.

• 3D shot analysis and recreation.

• Compare your progress over time.

• Player-Coach Communication and feedback

The main metrics that our app produces for you are -

• Track Bat Speed

• Power Generated with the Bat

• Shot Efficiency

• 3D Swing Analysis

• Smart Video Recording

• Angle and Direction of the Bat

• Detailed Session Insights

• Auto Session Reports