Shockwave 2.0 300 Adult Cricket Bat

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This extraordinary bat pushes the boundaries of performance and style, featuring premium finishes and captivating decals that make a bold statement on the pitch. Crafted to elevate your game, it guarantees to enhance your performance and leave a lasting impression.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Shockwave 2.0 Black Edition Cricket Bat is engineered to deliver exceptional performance. The precisely positioned mid sweet spot and full profile ensure unwavering confidence in your shots, empowering you to play with precision and power.

The modern shape, complemented by a long sweeping bow and semi square toe, strikes the perfect harmony between power and pick-up, allowing you to unleash your skills and shine brightly, just like Harry Brook.


  • Bow: Full Length.
  • Profile: Large hitting area with mid blade sweet spot.
  • Face: Powercurve - Semi Rounded Face for increased profile and optimum ping.
  • Pick up: Mid blade balance point creates lightweight pick up on full profile bat
  • Edges: Off set edge – swell profile enhances pick and enlarges sweet spot.
  • Toe: Semi Square.
  • Handle: Semi Oval.
  • Grip: Superlink Pro - High performance maximum grip.
  • Weight” 2lb7-2lb12oz
  • Finish: Extratec