Off-Cuts Wicket Keeping Gloves

Off-Cuts Wicket Keeping Gloves

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After the success of the Off-Cut Batting Gloves, we are delighted to present the new Off-Cut Wicketkeeping glove made from the left over materials from other 'keeping gloves.

These gloves, suitable for club cricket, are made of lightweight PU which allows for a soft kit. The ping pong grip offers fantastic and hard-wearing performance.

A PU cuff fitted with vapour foam padding offers great protection - crucial around the vulnerable wrist area.

The price of the Off-Cuts Wicketkeeping Glove is reflected in the the sourcing of materials.


  • Lightweight PU glove for soft flexible fit.
  • Traditional Ping Pong grip.
  • PU cuff with Vapour foam padding.
  • Traditional Square cuff with T-Shaped webbing.