Newbery N-Series WhiteBlack Cricket Bat

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The N-Series is most affordable and colourful range on the market. Ideal for cricketers who are just starting out in their career or for the social cricketer. 

The bat is designed to help you clear the ropes with minimum effort. With a big profile, lower sweet spot and beautiful pick up, you will be able to time the ball sweetly and hit the ball further than ever before. And in an industry first, personalise your very own N-Series cricket bat with numerous colour options and playful emoji stickers by visiting N-Series Personalisation. Get the striking black and white N-series kit that complements your N-Series bat too, no matter what colour combination you choose for your bat.
  • Senior available in one grade 
  • Low sweet-spot
  • Slight Incurves for weight control, balance and feel
  • Full Spine which distributes the weight to allow superior feel and pick up
  • Weight 2lb8oz-2lb9oz
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