Masuri VS Test Green Helmet

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  • Masuri Vision Series Helmets
  • The Vision Series Test is built for a high level of impact protection and comfort. Strategically-placed vents in the inner and outer shells improve air-flow, and the reinforced rim (HRS) minimises movement between the solid peak and steel or titanium grille, giving the Vision Series Test strong protection performance.
  • Featuring a reinforced rim (HRS) and Twin Shell Protection System, the Vision Series Club provides superior vision, cooling and protection available with a steel grille.
  • Innovative Twin Shell Protection System, for extra durability under impact
  • Halo Reinforcement System to minimise movement between the peak and grille
  • Air-flow cooling system keeping the wearer comfortable
  • U.K designed, engineered and manufactured
  • Consistent, quality controlled manufacturing
  • Progressive design by market leaders in safety innovation
  • Compliant with BS 7928:2013
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